Forklift Certification

forkliftOSHA has established that all Forklift operators in the construction industry must be trained and certified. Local 49's Training Program offers an OSHA compliant program consisting of classroom training, a knowledge test, and a "hands-on" evaluation for all Forklift operators. Consult the class schedule to find the classroom portion of forklift training.

skills upgrading:

Upon completion of the classroom we will ask you to schedule a minimum four hour block of time for hands-on practice. No hands-on testing is scheduled on the same day as classroom training.

If you wish, you may call the Training Center at a later date to schedule your hands-on practice. During your skills upgrading you may, at your discretion, not use all four hours if you feel you can successfully complete the forklift course. This will also apply to operators who wish to recertify.

FK114 - Session I - Hinckley Training Center - Tues  - Nov 12

FK214 - Session II - Rochester Union Hall - Tues  - Nov 19

FK314 - Session III - Hinckley Training Center - Tues  - Dec 17

FK414 - Session IV - Hinckley Training Center - Mon  - Feb 03

FK514 - Session V - Fargo Union Hall - Tues  - Mar 11

FK614 - Session VI - Rochester Union Hall - Tues  - Mar 25

FK714 - Session VII - Hinckley Training Center - Tues  - Apr 08

FK814 - Session VIII - Hinckley Training Center - Mon  - Jun 09

FK914 - Session IX - Hinckley Training Center - Mon  - July 28

FK1014 - Session X - Hinckley Training Center - Mon  - Sept 15

REMINDER: For those operators who currently hold a forklift certification, your hands-on certification is good for 3 years. Please call the Training Center to schedule your hands-on recertification.