Members of Local 49:

The Local 49 Training Center will open for field training starting Wednesday, May 6th, 2020. Because we must maintain social distancing guidelines and adhere to proper safety protocol, training availability will be limited. Members must call ahead of time to reserve equipment; we recommend doing so several days in advance if possible. Phone reservations will open at 12:00pm on Monday, May 4th, 2020. To reserve a machine, call (320)384-7093.

Please be respectful of all people and their fears around this unprecedented situation, regardless of whatever personal beliefs you hold. As such, please follow these guidelines when at the Training Center:

  • Building: The building will remain closed. When you arrive for training, pull up in your vehicle and an instructor will meet you in the parking lot.


  • Illness:In the event you are not feeling well, DO NOT COME TO THE TRAINING CENTER. You will not be monetarily charged in any way for failing to report to training if you are ill.


  • Social Distance: Maintain 6 feet and practice social distancing when working around instructors and other trainees. We encourage the use of face masks. Be diligent about disinfecting your personal space, and be mindful when entering shared areas such as the porta-johns. We will make cleaning supplies available to you to wipe down equipment and will have hand sanitizing stations set out.
  • Lunch: There will be no access to the breakroom; make sure to bring a lunch. You will be able to eat it outside or in your vehicle.
  • PPE: Members must provide their own hardhats and PPE. If you do not come with appropriate safety gear, you will be unable train.

We are excited to be opening training, and we ask for your patience as we navigate through this time with our new protocols and procedures. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me.

 Eric Gulland (218)206-4401