IUOE Local 49 Training & Apprenticeship Center


Spots Available for the 3rd Session of Pipeline International Equipment Class May 4th – 22nd

Call the Training Center for information about application/registration . . . 320-384-6537


Spots Still Available for International Pipeline Training Classes.

There are still spots available in the 3 week International Pipeline Training classes for heavy equipment (sideboom, excavator, angle dozer). If you are interested in getting into one of these classes, please print out the application found on our website, fill it out and mail or fax to the Training Center at 320-384-6537. You can also call us at 866-494-8634 to have an application mailed to you. In order to be selected, you must be an adequate operator, and be current on your union dues.

The Local 49 Training & Apprenticeship Programs develop the best, most professional Operating Engineers in the industry.

At Local 49’s Training Center we are committed to the best possible educational opportunities for members of IUOE Local 49! Whether you are sure of your educational goals, or still undecided, Local 49 Training is a great place to enhance your future career opportunities.

We are a comprehensive educational program, with our main facility located just east of Hinckley, Minnesota. All training either at the facility or at locations spread across our service area is funded entirely by contributions from our membership.

The more one of our members or apprentices visits the Training Center…