All International general, stationary, and pipeline training will be registered for online at the link in the letter below.

A letter from President Callahan

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As was discussed at the Winter Meeting last month, we have developed an online registration system for the International Training Center. I am pleased to announce that the system is now live and ready to start processing course registrations and travel arrangements. The system can be accessed directly at: 

In addition, members can find out more about the Training Center, watch a video and register for courses through our main website: 

Course offerings and their descriptions will continue to be added to the Training Schedule. I hope you will share this information with your local leadership, training directors and, most importantly, the rank-and-file membership.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to bring world-class training opportunities to every IUOE member.


The International offers various pipeline classes throughout the country. If you are interested in working on the pipeline and taking any of these classes, i.e. Side Boom-Excavator-Angle Dozer, Bending Engineering, HDD Directional Drilling, John Henry Rock Drilling, Winching, Deckhand Pipe Lifter, Vacuworxs Pipe Lifter, or Pipeline Maintenance (Rehab), Ozzie Padder.

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