Apprenticeship Forms and FAQ’s 2017-04-19T11:14:42+00:00


The Pre-Apprentice selection process is closed for 2017.

We are accepting applications for North and South Dakota residents.

Print out the application and mail it to the address listed. We will be having another selection process for both Pre-Apprenticeship Training Programs this winter.

Dates and times of information & orientation meetings will be sent to individuals who have submitted the written application. Information about the testing process for pre-apprentice candidates will be presented at your informational meeting.


How do I apply for the training to become an apprentice?

Print out an application from this website, fill it out, and mail it to the Training Center. Applicants will be notified by mail on information orientations that we hold at the Training Center, where we explain the program during the Pre-Apprentice training. Applicants must attend this mandatory orientation to be eligible for consideration in the training. Information on the industry, i.e. hiring, pay scale, work sites will be discussed at the orientations but can also be found on this website. Please save your questions for that time. The orientations are held early in the calendar year.

Do I need experience to apply?

NO, Applicants do not need experience on heavy equipment or any specialized schooling to apply. You must have a High School or GED diploma.

Can I receive credit for past experience and/or schooling as an operator?

YES, This information should be disclosed on the application. Credited hours can be credited based on the type and amount of schooling. Work experience will be credited in the same manner, but also has to be approved/verified by the employer.

Do you give applicants a list of contractors?

NO, Applicants who are not selected for the Pre-Apprentice training may apply with Contractors on their own, via contractor websites office visits or personal contacts. (Job sites do not accept applications unless posted.)

How do I get hired as an apprentice?

There are 2 ways you can be hired as an apprentice:

  1. You can be accepted into the Pre-Apprentice training through our application and testing process.
  2. Obtaining a “letter of intent” from a signatory contractor can increase your chances of employment.