First steps to CDL training with Local 49

  1. Obtain a CLP (Commercial Learner Permit)
    • Go to the Minnesota Commercial Drivers Manual.  Read and study the online manual for class A with air brakes. After studying the manual, go to your local DMV office and take the CLP knowledge test with combination vehicle and air brakes. When you pass, you will receive your class A permit. If you don’t pass, study the manual again and retake the test. We do not provide training for CLP Knowledge test, you will need to complete this step on your own.
  1. Get a DOT Health Card.
    • Call your clinic and schedule an appointment to get a DOT physical.  When you pass your physical exam, you will obtain a DOT Health Card.
  1. Fill out the MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) & Clearinghouse Query Consent Form
    • Fill out the attached Motor Vehicle Report. and Query Consent. The MVR costs $20.00, and Clearinghouse Query check is $1.25 that you are required to pay when you come to the Training Center for your Load Securement Class.
  1. Pass a Drug Test
    • The Training Center will set you up for a drug screen near your home. It is your responsibility to cover the cost of the drug screen, which is usually $50-$75 dollars.  If you are currently working for a company and enrolled in a DOT drug pool, you can ask your employer to write a letter on company letterhead stating that you are enrolled in the company’s drug pool.  This will save you having to do a drug test and getting enrolled in the Training Center’s drug pool for the time you will be training. (attached is an example of a John Doe drug pool letter)
  1. Email the following information to with the subject line of  “CDL PAPERWORK”.
    • Copy of the front and back of your drivers license
    • Copy of your permit from the DMV
    • Copy of your DOT Healthcard
    • Copy of your signed MVR
    • If applicable letter from your employer stating that you are currently enrolled in the employer drug pool.

If you do not send copies of all the information above (except drug pool letter if you are not enrolled in one), we will send you an email stating that your application is  incomplete and what information you are missing. We are not able to move forward with the process until we have all of the information requested above.

  1. The Training Center will contact you
    • Once your email with the requested information from step 5 is received, the Training Center will reach out to you and schedule your behind the wheel time and your drug test if necessary. You will also be enrolled in CDL Prep, the online part of CDL training which needs to be completed before you arrive for your behind the wheel training.
  1. Complete the Online CDL prep training
    • When you complete the online CDL prep training, email with the subject line CDL PREP COMPLETED to let us know you completed the online CDL prep . You cannot do your behind the wheel training until you complete the online CDL Prep training.

If you fail your drug test or your MVR comes back with too many infractions, you will not be able to drive the Training Center trucks and the Training Center will call to inform that you have been removed from the CDL training schedule because you are not an eligible candidate.